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In an effort to cultivate awareness and knowledge among school students, the Hult Prize at Kathmandu University has unveiled the Sambhawana project.

“Sambhawana: Anything is Possible with Education”, a project without profit motives, aims to instill essential life skills and awareness of crucial topics among students, accessible to schools at no cost..Project Sambhavana embodies the essence of sustainable development goals (SDGs) – 3 for good health and well- being, 4 for quality education, 13 for climate action and 16 for Peace and Justice.

Aligned with the theme of “Unlimited Impact”, Project Sambhavana is dedicated to creating lasting change, ensuring our project not only addresses immediate needs but also contributes significantly to the broader global goals, driving positive transformations for a sustainable future.

A distinctive feature of Sambhawana is its focus on educational institutions in five different districts across Nepal, covering six schools; NASA National Secondary School,Kathmandu, Bridgewater School, Kathmandu, Little Flowers English Boarding School, Sindhuli, Chirgadhi English Boarding School, Pokhara, Tridev school, Dhanusha and Sai Centre, Kavrepalanchowk. Recognizing that students in urban areas may have different needs and perceptions compared to their rural counterparts, the project tailored its sessions accordingly. One notable aspect of the program is its emphasis on traffic rules education, particularly relevant in the bustling capital city.

Despite urban students having exposure to a myriad of information, Sambhawana targeted to correct misconceptions and fill gaps in their understanding.

Each Sambhawana session, spanning two to two and a half hours, provided students with a platform to learn and practice crucial life skills. Participants engaged in activities such as presenting their views, participating in two-way interactions, preparing and implementing solutions, conducting SWOT analysis, and giving and receiving constructive reviews.

These skills, often overlooked in the standard school curriculum, empower students to navigate real-world challenges effectively.

In rural areas, where students may lack resources and reading materials, Sambhawana served as a vital source of information. The project opened up conversations on topics like reproductive health, breaking taboos surrounding sex education, and creating a safe space for students to share their concerns. One particularly impactful session focused on reproductive health, where students initially hesitated but eventually opened up to discuss prevalent issues.

This session, facilitated by trained professionals, was instrumental in breaking the silence around reproductive health problems in rural areas.

Furthermore, Sambhawana introduced students to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), providing them with a comprehensive understanding of global challenges and fostering a sense of responsibility towards promoting sustainable development and achieving MDGs among the youth.

The Sambhawana project, with its multifaceted approach to education and awareness, exemplified the commitment of the Hult Prize at Kathmandu University to contribute to the holistic development of students. By bridging the gap between urban and rural educational

needs, the initiative strives to create a generation equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the complex issues of our time.


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