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The Kathmandu University School of Management’s Information System Club (KUSOM ISC) successfully concluded IS HACKATHON a dynamic and intensive 36-hour hackathon from June 14 to 16 under its flagship event IS FAIR 2024. The Hackathon, themed around creating efficient and effective business and economic solutions, saw vibrant participation from 27 teams hailing from various regions of Nepal.
The KUSOM Information System Club, under the leadership of Coordinator Prarabda Singh Mahat and Vice Coordinator Ritika Parajuli, has continually strived to bridge the gap between academia and industry, fostering innovation and technological advancement among students. The IS Hackathon, as part of the IS Fair, aimed to propel Nepal’s digital transformation by encouraging solutions that address pressing issues in green technology, circular economy, production efficiency, supply chain management, finance, commerce, and unemployment.
The IS Hackathon brought together 27 teams from various regions of Nepal, each comprising four to five participants. Over 36 hours, these teams developed projects addressing themes such as green technology, circular economy, effective production, supply chain management, finance, commerce, and unemployment. The event was led by Yogyansh Sah and judged
by industry experts Sameer Tuladhar, Narayan Niraula, Arjun Gautam, and Salina Koirala.
The top prize went to United Tech Club for their innovative Remote GPS Tracking Device. Utilizing LoRa (Long Range) and Arduino IoT Cloud, the project showcased a sophisticated IoT solution for remote connectivity and tracking. This device highlights the potential of IoT and wireless communication, providing an efficient means of tracking and data sharing over extensive distances.
Team Virinchi secured the second position with their project, Tidy Town, an IoT-based application designed to enhance waste management and reduce pollution. The smart dustbins integrated with sensors can provide real-time data to the government for effective waste tracking. Users can locate nearby dustbins, promoting cleanliness and reducing littering, especially in remote and outdoor areas.
The third place was awarded to Team Birendra for their elderly care platform. This comprehensive solution enables easy booking of caregivers and medical professionals, with accessible medical reports through a web app. The platform also includes recreational activities for the elderly, ensuring a holistic approach to their well-being.
The IS Hackathon 2024 was a testament to the ingenuity and technical prowess of Nepalese students. With projects spanning both code-intensive and low-code platforms, the event underscored the potential for realistic business implementations. The KUSOM ISC continues to nurture a community of passionate learners, playing a crucial role in the country’s digital advancement and the application of technology-driven solutions in real-world scenarios.
The IS Hackathon 2024 not only highlighted the technical skills and creativity of the participating students but also underscored the importance of realistic business implementations in their projects. The diverse range of solutions presented reflected the participants’ ability to address real-world problems through technological innovation.
The successful conclusion of the IS Hackathon marks another milestone for the KUSOM Information System Club in its mission to foster a community of passionate learners and innovators. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, the club continues to play a pivotal role in Nepal’s digital transformation journey, nurturing talents that can drive forward the nation’s technological and economic progress.


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