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Canadian Study Centre  presents Hult prize at Kathmandu
University (HPKU), sponsored by Agni group | Mahindra was a grand success. The Semi –
Finale and Grand – Finale took place in KUSOM, Balkumari and Kathmandu University,
Dhulikhel respectively at the end of February. This event was highly anticipated as the foremost
competition for young entrepreneurs aspiring to effect sustainable change within society. A total
of 13 teams were prepared for Semi – Finals, out of which 5 teams qualified for the Grand –
Finale. “Dr. Fish” was declared as the Winner of Hult Prize at Kathmandu University – 24.
With the dedicated efforts of a 30-member Organizing Committee and five months of meticulous
planning, the event unfolded seamlessly, culminating in a dynamic showcase of innovative
ideas and solutions under the leadership of Campus Director Sasha Sunuwar and Deputy
Campus Director Prarabda Singh Mahat. Their guidance and commitment ensured the smooth
execution of the Hult Prize at Kathmandu University (HPKU), presenting a platform where young
entrepreneurs could shine and make a tangible impact on society. Through their leadership, the
event not only achieved its objectives but also inspired and empowered participants to strive for
excellence and drive positive change in their communities.
The pre-events of HPKU commenced with "Sambhavana: Anything is Possible," spanning five
districts and six schools, emphasizing education's pivotal role in addressing diverse issues
through interactive and informative sessions tailored to local needs. This was followed by "From
Jeans to Dreams," a collaboration between Chakraviu Nepal and Hult Prize at Kathmandu
University, transforming unused jeans into eco-friendly school bags for over 475 underprivileged
students in Southern Lalitpur, symbolizing hope and support. Next was "KUSOME Tihar,"
celebrated at KUSOM, Balkumari, aligning with SDG 11.4 to protect the world's cultural and
natural heritage. The initiative then shifted to humanitarian aid with the "Jajarkot Fundraiser," a
joint effort with Future Nepal to support earthquake victims. "Empower Her" followed, organized
with the Kathmandu University Computer Club, aiming to empower women in tech by amplifying
their voices and reshaping the future. Finally, "Impact Up: Startup and SMEs Meet '' facilitated
networking, knowledge-sharing, and motivation among entrepreneurs and startups, setting the
stage for HPKU's main event.
Besides pre-events, HPKU successfully conducted six virtual workshops for participants in 2
months to further enhance their skills and knowledge. These workshops covered a diverse
range of topics, including but not limited to leadership development, innovation and
entrepreneurship, sustainable development goals (SDGs), communication and presentation
skills, project management, and effective teamwork. Through these workshops, participants
were equipped with valuable tools and insights to better prepare themselves for the main event
and to make meaningful contributions to their communities and beyond.
Multiple sponsors and partners played integral roles in organizing the pre-events and providing
essential training to participants. The title sponsor, Canadian Study Center, was joined by co-

sponsor Mahindra | Agni Group, and collaboration partner WWF Nepal, each contributing
significantly to the success of the initiatives. Moreover, the HPKU established collaborations
with 18 sponsors, spanning gift partners, a medical partner, hospitality partner, refreshment
partner, green partner, study abroad partner, media partners, mobility partner, and pop culture
partner, collectively ensuring comprehensive support for the pre-events and training programs.
And finally, 10 media partners supported the initiative by sharing news articles, promoting the
cause through their respective platforms, amplifying its reach and impact across diverse
The journey towards the main event was paved with a series of impactful pre-events, from
educational outreach programs to humanitarian initiatives, all aimed at addressing pressing
societal issues and empowering communities. Through strategic partnerships with various
sponsors and collaborators, including the support of 10 media partners, HPKU garnered
widespread attention and engagement, amplifying its message of social impact and
entrepreneurship. Overall, HPKU exemplified the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and social
responsibility, setting a precedent for future endeavors in fostering sustainable change and
empowering the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.


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